Is Haiti the biggest threat to the United States from the Caribbean?

We are nearly three months away from the macabre one-year anniversary of the assassination of Haiti’s President Jovenel Moise. Haiti’s already weakened security apparatus has become almost inexistent. Local Gangs continue to terrorize as they strengthen their tight grip on the country. One should ask: How does a small country like Haiti pose a threat to the United States

Haiti is a 90-minute flight from Miami, Florida and has for decades been a focal point for narco traffickers to transit their illicit goods through en route to Europe and the streets of America. As Haiti continues to plunge deeper into chaos, the country has now become an even more attractive transit point for drug traffickers, and other criminals to plot and export chaos into the streets of America.

Months within an FBI investigation into President Jovenel Moise’s assassination, there has only been a couple of indictments and none of them involved the extradition of the former DEA associates of Haitian American origins that were part of the foreign mercenaries that executed the President in his private residence. It is perhaps time to ask what is the real purpose of the FBI investigation, and how does it help reestablish confidence in an already ineffective partnership between Haitian and American law enforcement. A partnership that was established to help combat drug trafficking and other transnational crimes in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

In the months ahead, Haiti will face several natural disasters as the entire region has entered the current hurricane season. In a country going through extreme gang violence, daily kidnappings, political turmoil, and near economic collapse, we should prepare ourselves in the United States to witness more boats arriving to the shores of Florida as Haitians will continue en masse look to escape the failed state of Haiti and their precarious conditions of living

One should dare ask: are we Americans prepared for such a security and economic threat in the months and years ahead from our neighbors that are only a stone away from Miami, Florida?

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